Tavolo allungabile Tom di Bontempi

Vuoi impreziosire spazi moderni? Scopri di più sui tavoli moderni allungabili: il modello da pranzo Tom ti aspetta.

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Modello da pranzo Tom che appartiene alla linea di Tavoli allungabili moderni

Bontempi's extendable Tom table: with this model you can complete modern spaces, ensuring customizable composition and the utmost versatility of extendable tables. Contact us for information and quotes or discover in our showroom all the most exclusive marble dining proposals by Bontempi, exemplifying the excellence guaranteed by the brand. The choice of dining tables is truly important if you want to complete your Home Furnishing: the available spaces, color combinations, and materials should be taken into consideration. In our showroom, you will find a rich catalog of marble furniture and accessory items from the best manufacturers, ideal for completing your spaces.

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